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12 March 2020

The Top Things To Do In Trenton, NJ

This post, which provides a list of the top things to do in and around Trenton, New Jersey, has been brought to you by the Trenton DWI attorneys at Levow DWI Law.

The New Jersey State Museum

Trenton near DWI law firm .The New Jersey State Museum has something fun for everyone! Here visitors can explore exhibits like the Natural History Exhibit, the Archaeology Exhibit, and the Exhibit Of New Jersey History! There are also rotating exhibits, be sure to check out the schedule online.

For visitors who are interested in outer space, stars, and other planets, the planetarium is a must-see! Keep in mind that during the school months, the planetarium is only open to the public on weekends. View the website for a complete schedule or call the museum for additional information.

The Old Barracks Museum

This historic spot shares amazing stories from past eras. First constructed during the French and Indian War, the barracks were home to British troops. This station was used heavily once again during the American Revolution and during that war, also became a military hospital. Later, it was used as a boarding school before finally being turned into a museum in 1903. It is the last remaining British military barracks in North America.

Be sure to look at the sides of the building while visiting – the names of some of the original soldiers to inhabit the barracks are carved into the stone!

Grounds For Sculpture

More than 270 sculptures can be seen at the Grounds For Sculpture! The area is a full 42 acres of art, provided by both renowned artists and up-and-coming artists.

Sun National Bank Center

Anyone who enjoys taking in a show needs to check the schedule at the Sun National Bank Center! Past entertainers have included Cher, Bruce Springsteen, and Carrie Underwood! Visitors can also enjoy hockey and basketball games played by some of the best athletes of the time.

Our Trenton DWI attorneys hope that you have fun wherever you go while visiting this fun city. If you’d like to read more about Trenton, check out our post on the history of Trenton.