Why Hire DWI Lawyer Evan Levow?

Charged with DWI in New Jersey? Wondering whether you should hire a lawyer and fight the charges against you, or plead guilty and accept the consequences?

You are not alone. You and 25,000 other drivers are arrested each year in New Jersey for Driving While Intoxicated. When making your decision, consider this statistic: 100% of the people who plead guilty are found guilty.

There are many defenses to DWI. You can fight your case. You can win.

Do I Need An Attorney To Fight My DWI Charge?

If you want to win, yes. Hire the best lawyer that you can. The law is complex, and you aren’t going to know the nuances of New Jersey DWI law to properly defend yourself. Make sure the attorney you hire knows how to effectively advocate on your behalf, based on skill and reputation.

Your lawyer must be proactive in your defense, and not simply hope for the best.

Defending a DWI is Complex

New Jersey’s courts take drunk driving very seriously. In fact, they have declared a mission to rid the roads of drunk drivers. As a result, you need a qualified DWI lawyer to protect your rights.

In order convict to you, the State must prove that you were driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated, beyond a reasonable doubt. The lawyer you hire should be well versed in the techniques and standards for administering the field sobriety tests, and should know how to use the rules and regulations on field sobriety testing to your advantage. For example, while the State says you’re drunk because you couldn’t balance during the road-side exercises, if you have an injury or condition that would affect your ability to balance, the officer should not have administered the testing to you, since the results are not reliable, according to the NHTSA testing protocol. Your inability to balance may be due to your physical issues, rather than alleged intoxication. If you can’t balance at 10 am in a yoga studio, you’re not going to be able to balance road-side, late at night with anxiety and traffic passing by. Your DWI attorney will go over your medical history and determine whether you may have physiological defenses to the field testing and the breath testing. Your lawyer should be able to effectively cross examine state’s witnesses on the inside and outside of the Alcotest breath testing machine. If your case involves drug, blood or urine testing, make sure your lawyer has been trained in the forensic sciences, with hands-on gas chromatography training.

Hire the best lawyer you can.

Results Require Qualified Representation

Why choose Levow DWI Law, P.C. to defend you?

Levow DWI Law, P.C. is a group of DWI trial attorneys devoted to representing only clients who have been charged with driving while intoxicated. We ascribe much of our success to this narrow focus; DWI is all we do. The judges and prosecutors know our reputation as state-wide DWI litigators. They know that we are there to fight for you. They know that we will go to trial in your case, if we have to.


Our attorneys have undergone extensive training in every form of chemical testing used by the State of New Jersey to determine intoxication: breath, blood and urine.

We’ve studied forensic science with the world’s best scholars on DUI and physiology. All of our lawyers have received certification in field sobriety testing and breath testing, We have undergone hands-on lab training for blood, urine, and drug testing, using gas chromatography and interpreting the test results.

We know all of the testing procedures inside and out. If any mistakes were made in your arrest, we’ll find them.

Beyond chemical tests, Evan M. Levow, our senior and managing partner, was the first lawyer in New Jersey to become a field sobriety testing Instructor. Evan speaks at seminars locally and across the country on field sobriety testing, breath and blood testing. He regularly teaches police officers, lawyers and judges the protocols and the legal issues surrounding the accuracy of the testing.

Learn more about Evan’s accomplishments here.

Groundbreaking Experience

With more than 20 years of trial experience, Evan Levow has literally shaped the way DWI cases are prosecuted and defended in New Jersey. Our attorneys have represented clients in the State’s most historic DWI trials.

In State v. Chun, Evan represented the lead defendant in the case that challenged the scientific reliability of New Jersey’s breath testing machine, creating defenses not previously set forth in New Jersey. Chun has set the standards for DWI defense and prosecution in New Jersey.

In State v. Kent and State v. Renshaw, New Jersey’s most important blood testing cases, Evan convinced the court that the state’s expediency in using a form signed by a phlebotomist, was precluded by the defendant’s sixth amendment right to confront the witness. Medical personnel must come in to testify about the blood draw. Because of these cases, it is now written into law: the State must produce witnesses to ensure that blood samples were drawn, stored and tested correctly.

We are passionately committed to fight for your rights

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Our qualifications speak for themselves. So do our results.

That’s why so many defense lawyers from across the nation turn to Levow DWI Law, P.C. for help in their most difficult cases. That’s why we’ve been included in the lists of America’s most trusted legal authorities, including US News & World Report Best Law Firms, Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, and Martindale Hubbell® highest rating for ethical standards and legal abilities. And it’s why Evan Levow was named the DUI Defense Lawyers Association’s inaugural President and President Emeritus.

Now it’s your turn. Schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help. You’ll benefit from our experience, knowledge and record of success. We want to fight for you.

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