Pennsylvania Driver DWI In New Jersey

What Happens If I’m Convicted Of DWI In New Jersey?

If you are convicted for DWI in New Jersey, Pennsylvania will NOT suspend your in-state driving privileges, as long as it’s your first offense. The conviction will transfer to Pennsylvania and be entered into your “Driver History,” but there won’t be any license suspension.

Of course, with a conviction on your history, you may be subject to costly insurance company surcharges.

Possible Penalties For Pennsylvania Drivers

You should consider aggressively defending the charge.

If you work or travel in New Jersey, you will not be able to drive in this state for the period of your suspension.

If you need to drive in NJ, please call the experienced DWI defense attorneys at Levow DWI Law to discuss your defense options.

What If I Have Prior Convictions?

If you are convicted of a DWI in New Jersey, but have been convicted before in Pennsylvania, your Pennsylvania driver’s license will be suspended for a minimum of one year. The Motor Vehicle Commission in Trenton will forward notice of the conviction to the Department Of Transportation (DOT) in Harrisburg. Within 30 to 90 days, you will receive a suspension notice from the DOT, stating that your Pennsylvania driving privileges will be suspended as a result of your offense in New Jersey.

And even though you live in Pennsylvania, you must still pay the surcharges levied by New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), which are separate from any surcharges that your insurance company may charge you.

A refusal conviction for an out-of-state driver in New Jersey will not result in any MVC surcharges.

Contact Our DWI Defense Experts

Even for residents of other states, a DWI conviction in New Jersey can have serious consequences.

Before you consider pleading guilty and allow the State to restrict your mobility, contact the DUI defense lawyers at Levow DWI Law for a free consultation. We offer aggressive representation to drivers throughout the State, relying on decades of proven experience and an undeniable record of success.

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