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You have been charged with a DWI and now you are wondering if contacting an attorney is worth your time. The answer is yes.

An experienced DWI attorney can help you fight the charges. In fact, experienced DWI lawyer Evan Levow has helped thousands of New Jersey residents just like you. DWI defense cases are the only type of case that Mr. Levow takes on, and he has dedicated his professional career to making sure he is well versed in both the law and the science behind it.

Mr. Levow knows where the common mistakes are made before, during, and after a DWI arrest, mistakes that could result in a complete dismissal of a client’s DWI charge. He reviews every aspect of each case and builds a custom defense for each client. You are not “just another case” to Mr. Levow.

It is important to contact Levow DWI Law as quickly as possible so that our legal team can get started on your case. Don’t wait – call now.

Our DWI Law Firm Can Help You Reduce The Penalties That You Face

Are you aware of the serious penalties that are associated with a DWI in New Jersey? Let’s review the following:

1st Offense

If found guilty of a first offense, the following penalties may apply:

  • License Suspension: A license suspension of 3 – 12 months may apply.
  • Jail Time: Up to 30 days in jail may be required.
  • Alcohol Awareness Classes: 12 – 48 hours in alcohol awareness classes may be required.
  • Interlock Ignition Device: This device may need to be installed for 6 – 12 months.

2nd Offense

Under the law, for a second offense a driver may face:

  • License Suspension: The suspension may last up to 2 years.
  • Jail Time: A minimum of 2 days will be spent in jail, with the possibility of a full 90 days.
  • Interlock Ignition Device: This device will be installed for between 1 – 3 years.
  • Alcohol Awareness Classes: Up to 48 hours in this class may be required.

3rd Offense

If found guilty of a 3rd offense, the following penalties may apply:

  • Jail Time: A full 180 days in jail is mandatory.
  • Loss of License: A loss of a drivers license for 10 years will apply.
  • Interlock Ignition Device: Once a license has been regained after a decade, this device will need to be installed for 1 – 3 years.

For each offense, thousands of dollars in fines will apply. Additionally, any alcohol awareness classes and interlock ignition devices that are installed must be paid for.

By working with a DWI lawyer, these penalties may be reduced significantly or even dismissed. Read more about how our law firm has helped former clients on our testimonials page.

Our Local DWI Lawyers Know That A Police Mistake Result In A DWI Dismissal

Did you know that police officers are required to follow precise rules when initiating a stop and then arresting a citizen for a DWI? If a mistake is made at any point, that mistake could cause the court to throw out the case entirely. But it can be difficult to discover a mistake without the assistance of an experienced DWI lawyer.

Common mistakes made by police officers include:

  • Conducting a traffic stop with no probable cause.
  • Conducting a stop based on an improperly placed street sign or traffic light.
  • Conducting a stop because of driving below the speed limit.
  • Improperly administering a breath, blood, or urine test.

These are just a few examples of mistakes that could apply in your DWI case. Contact us today so that our DWI attorneys can review your case and find any mistakes that were made.

Our Legal Teams Arguments Are Based On Science

Even if you have submitted to a breath, blood, or urine test, it is still possible to fight your DWI charge. Mr. Levow has spent decades fighting DWI charges and he is very familiar with the science behind each type of test.

For example, did you know that there are no regulations on who should draw blood for a blood test? Or that there is a correct and incorrect way to handle blood?
Mr. Levow has been able to have chemical testing suppressed in many cases and will work hard to determine if your test was performed accurately.

It’s important to act quickly and call our law office as soon as possible because your case may be before a judge within 60 days.

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May 18, 2016 – Accident Results In DWI Arrest In Trenton

After sustaining injuries in an accident, a man has been arrested in Trenton for a DWI. According to officers, the driver took a turn on the road too quickly and overturned his vehicle. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries before being charged. For more information on this check out KTTN.

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