Old Barracks Museum near DWI law firm.
12 March 2020

The History Of Trenton, New Jersey

This post, which will provide a brief history of the city of Trenton, has been shared by the Trenton DWI attorneys at Levow DWI Law.

Trenton: The State Capital Of New Jersey

Old Barracks Museum near DWI law firm. As with all of the United States, the first inhabitants of the Trenton were Native Americans. In New Jersey, the Lenape tribe hunted and lived on the land. This tribe would establish temporary dwellings and would move with the change of seasons or when they determined that the land had been exhausted.

In 1679 the first European settlers arrived in the Trenton area, who were Quakers. They called the region the “Falls of the Delaware”. Later, in 1719, the area was renamed “Trent-towne” after a man named William Trent who had purchased much of the land. Trent was a trader who moved dry goods, molasses, rum, tobacco, wine, flour, furs, and slaves. He reported owned interest in over 40 ships and was one of the wealthiest men in the area.

The name of the town was eventually shorted to Trenton.

The Battle Of Trenton

One of the most important historical battles during the American Revolution took place in Trenton. This battle was the first won by Washington and the Continental Army, providing hope to the revolutionaries. It took place on December 26th, 1776 after Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River during the night.

Today, visitors can see the only remaining British barracks in North America, built during the French and Indian War.

The capital has survived numerous wars, riots, and financial depressions.

Trenton, NJ: Today’s Demographics

Today Trenton officially sits on 8.155 square miles and is connected to Pennsylvania via several bridges. There are nearly 29,000 households with nearly 85,000 residents. The biggest employer is the state.

Trenton is also home to the Trenton Thunder, a minor league baseball team that is affiliated with the New York Yankees.

Notable Trenton Residents:

Over the years Trento has been home to many notable residents, including:

  1. Bernard Cywinski: Cywinski was the architect who designed the Liberty Bell.
  2. Zebulon Pike: This historic explorer is the man for whom Pikes Peak was named.
  3. Gary Stills: A professional football player.
  4. Richard Kind: An actor.

Our Trenton DWI lawyers hope that you have enjoyed learning more about the great city of Trenton! You can learn more about the area by reading our post on the best restaurants in Trenton!