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This article about the great history of Hoboken, New Jersey is brought to you by the Hoboken DWI lawyers at Levow DWI Law, P.C..

Hoboken is a well known town in North New Jersey that is only minutes away from New York City via the PATH train. However, there is a very rich history to the area that is often overlooked. This article aims to cover a quick history of Hoboken.

The Early History of Hoboken

Hoboken was initially settled by the Native Americans before it was discovered by European Henry Hudson in 1609. The Native American's sold Hoboken to the Dutch West India Company in 1630. Not many know but Hoboken was then settled by Dutch farmers and Hoboken's "first person" was Aert Van Putten, a Dutchman.

Hoboken is also the site of America's "First House", which was a brew house. Today, it is the scene to many pubs, bars, eateries and restaurants.

Hoboken was taken by William Bayard during the Revolutionary War and settled by the Revolutionary Government of New Jersey after the War.

In the early 19th Century, the area developed a thriving shipping business, thanks to Colonel John Stevens. It became a city in 1855 and the first mayor was Cornelius Clickener.

During World War I, Hoboken was the site where many brave American troops boarded ships to go to war in Europe.

Modern History of the City

Hoboken was home to a large contingent of Italians, Irish and Puerto Ricans after World War II, however high crime rates resulted in many Italians and Irish moving out of the city. The city also lost its booming port business due to shipping companies finding greener locations to conduct business.

Hoboken, due to its close proximity to Manhattan, quickly developed as a commuter city for those that worked in NYC. The waterfront was redeveloped given it had some of the best views of the New York City skyline.

However, the city did maintain its wonderful architecture and buildings are protected by local city Counsel.

The city underwent gentrification and the population demographic quickly comprised of yuppies, college and post-grad students, artists, and commuters.

Demographics of the Area

The median income for a household was $62,550 at the last census. Unfortunately 10% of families are below the poverty line.

Famous People From The City

The city is home to many famous people over the years. One of the most famous being, Frank Sinatra. For all the political buffs, many know that G.Gordon Liddy, the famous Watergate conspirator was also born here. From the world of sports Michael Chang was born and raised in Hoboken. Hollywood also have some locals such as Joe Pantoliano and Pia Zadora. Also one other famous one, the first woman to play Little League baseball, Maria Pepe was born here.

Local Attractions In Hoboken

If you enjoy walking around and exploring cities, Hoboken is phenomenal for it. From its numerous parks along the waterfront where old Piers were located, to Castle Point, Sybil's Cave, and the Steven Institute of Technology, there are many things to find of interest. Check out our other article on Things to do in Hoboken for a more detailed look into what we recommend.

Latest News From Hoboken

As of writing this article in October 2019, the current Mayor of the city, Mayor Rvinder S. Bhalla, appointed a new Environmental Services Department Director, announced new Open Office hours for residents, and appealed to the public for input on a sculpture for Southwest Park. Also the Fire Department is openly recruiting volunteers to assist the department keep the city safe.

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