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17 October 2019

The Best Things To Do in Hoboken

This article on “The Best Things To Do in Hoboken” is brought to you by the Hoboken DWI attorneys of Levow DWI Law.

There are many reasons to find yourself in Hoboken. Work, you live here, or you are coming to taste some of the baked goods at Carlo’s Bakery from the TLC Show “Cake Boss”! If you are a tourist visiting New York City, then you should consider a short trip across the PATH train to Hoboken to check out this great city.

Restaurants and Places To Eat

Our attorneys are regularly in Hoboken, NJ to help clients fight DWI charges, and when there, we always eat out! Hoboken has some fabulous places to eat, and you can read a more detailed guide on The Best Restaurants in Hoboken New Jersey at this link. Again, be sure to check out the bakery for some Canolli!

Hoboken DWI attorney near meSimply Walk

The best way to see and experience the city of Hoboken is to walk it! Its extremely walkable since it is one square mile and has received a walkable score of 95/100! In fact, the nickname is “the mile square city”. The layout of the streets follow a very easy to follow city grid system. Now if the weather turns cold, then just rent a car and hit all the sites in the comfort of a warm vehicle. However, watch out for parking and pedestrianized zones. The area is really well protected by local ordinances due to the city being the fourth most densely populated city in the US!

The Parks Are Great!

Hoboken sits on the Hudson river, and the waterfront area is home to many beautiful parks. In fact there is a great walkway known as “The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway” that you cna take and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. This is very beautiful at night when all the buildings are lit up.

The following are some great parks you should check out:

  • Pier A Park
  • Pier C Park
  • Church Square Park – Dog Park
  • Harborside Park
  • Elysian Park
  • Sinatra Park
  • Stevens Park

So if you enjoy running, jogging, or walking for your exercise, or you enjoy yoga, Hoboken has many a park that you can workout in and enjoy nature!

The Steven’s Institute Of Technology

Hoboken is home to the Steven’s Institute of Technology, which is a hands on technology-based school with almost 3,500 undergraduate students and 3,500 graduate students. There are over 280 faculty staff and 570 full-time staff at the university. The school offers courses from four different schools that include:

  • Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
  • School of business
  • School of systems & enterprises
  • College of arts and letters

The university is named after Edwin A. Stevens who was an inventor, and the school opened in 1870 in Hoboken.

Live Here!

Another great thing to do is to actually consider living here! The area is beautiful, walkable, and only a 10-minute train ride to the bustling center of Manhattan! There is a strong sense of community in Hoboken due to the fact that many businesses are locally owned. In addition, Hoboken is proximate to many international and large airports making travel a piece of cake!

There is also an excellent art and culture scene in Hoboken! You can catch live performances from musicians at Maxwells Tavern. You can also see the work of artists all over the city including at the Monroe Center for the Arts. You can catch a show at the Mile Square Theater or if you want that Broadway experience, grab the train to Broadway and see a show.

Hoboken loves the outdoors! During the summer there are movie nights in the park and many of the restaurants offer al fresco dining!

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