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24 April 2015

March 2015 Celebrity DWI / DUI Round Up

We are back again for the monthly DWI Celebrity Round Up! In this edition, we have compiled a list of a few noteworthy celebs who were arrested and in the news for DWI / DUI charges during the month of March. If you missed the February Round Up, you can catch up on it here.


drinking while drivingAt Levow DWI Law, we have successfully represented many individuals, including several celebrities, who have been arrested for DUI / DWI charges in the State of New Jersey.

However, you will not see our clients on the round up list because our experienced DWI attorneys are committed to defending the rights of each of our clients and protecting their privacy.

Even in the event that a client of ours found themselves in the spotlight, our years of experience in DWI law would allow us to effectively handle the situation.

That being said, celebrities do find themselves in the news after being arrested on intoxicated driving charges. Unfortunately, many of these celebrities quickly fall on the sword, despite the fact that their cases are defendable and it is possible for them to beat the charges. This should not be your mentality because DWI cases can be fought and can be won.

Celebs in the News for DUI in March

In this edition of our Celebrity Round Up, we have listed a few notable celebs who were arrested and in the news for DUI or DWI charges in March. This month’s list includes current and former NFL players, as well as a teen model.

Jerramy Stevens

Former NFL player, Jerramy Stevens, was charged with DUI on March 16th in Los Angeles County, for his previous DUI arrest.

Stevens, who is the husband of US women’s soccer goalie Hope Solo, was arrested in January for DUI while driving the US Women’s soccer van in Manhattan Beach, CA.

For more info on the original arrest see our January DUI Round Up here.

This DUI charge is the second for Stevens in the past 10 years, as he was previously convicted of DUI after being arrested in 2007 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bernard Pierce

Baltimore Ravens running back Bernard Pierce was arrested for DUI in Maryland on March 18th, after being stopped by police. According to reports, Pierce was pulled over around 2:00 a.m. for speeding and failed field sobriety tests before being arrested and taken to a nearby station.

It was reported that during the arrest Pierce told the police that he knew he was going to be cut from the Baltimore Ravens for being arrested. Pierce was in fact cut from the team just hours after the arrest, however he was then signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars shortly after.

Josie Conseco

Josie Conseco, the 18 year daughter of former MLB star Jose Conseco, was arrested for DWI in Hollywood just after midnight of March 31st. According to reports, police pulled Josie over around 1:00 a.m. after observing her car hit a curb. She was then arrested after failing a field sobriety test. Police suspected that Josie was under the influence of drugs, not alcohol, during the arrest.

If only these celebrities had called Levow DWI Law. Far too often, arrestees fall on the sword too quickly, assuming that a DWI case cannot be won. There are many defenses to DWI charges. These celebs should hire a qualified DWI lawyer to evaluate their case and determine whether the charges can be dismissed or reduced.