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14 September 2015

Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up – August 2015

Celebrities are often seen in the spotlight after being arrested on charges of intoxicated driving.

Many of these celebrities plead guilty after being arrested without giving it a second thought, even though it may be possible to fight the charges against them.

At Levow DWI Law, our experienced attorneys have successfully represented many celebrities in the past who were arrested for a DUI or DWI charge. We are committed to defending the rights of our clients while maintaining their right to privacy through a strict confidentiality policy.

Our mission to keep our clients cases private was not employed by the celebrities that are highlighted in the list below.

football player

Celebrities Arrested In August

This edition of the Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up lists celebrities who were arrested and in the news during the month of August. This month’s list includes a popular rock singer and a star NFL player.

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Wes Scantlin Arrested For Second DUI In One Month

According to reports, the lead guitarist and vocalist for the popular rock band Puddle of Mudd was arrested for DUI in South Dakota during the early hours of August 5th after being pulled over for speeding.

Scantlin was previously arrested in July on charges of driving while intoxicated after he was pulled over in Minnesota for speeding and reportedly failed a breathalyzer test.

Aldon Smith Arrested For DUI After Hit & Run Accident

According to reports, the star linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers was arrested after police pulled him over in Santa Clara on Thursday, August 7th.

The Santa Clara Police Department released a statement about the arrest which states that Smith was arrested for suspicion of DUI, vandalism and hit-and-run.

More specifically, the report noted that,

“…officers learned Aldon Smith was parking his vehicle and collided with a parked vehicle. After the collision, Smith exited his vehicle and caused additional damage to the parked vehicle with his car door.

Smith then left the area not reporting the collision or leaving his identifying information at the scene. He later returned to the parking area where he was contacted by officers. Smith displayed objective symptoms of being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.”

The San Francisco 49ers released Aldon Smith from the team on Friday, August 8th after Smith was bailed out of jail.

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