19 August 2015

Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up – July 2015

The Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up by Levow DWI Law is a monthly report on celebrities who have recently been arrested for intoxicated driving charges.

In this edition, we summarize a several celebrity DUI / DWI arrests that occurred in the month of July and were featured in the news.

This month’s list of celebs includes an NBA star, a famous singer and an update on a DUI arrest that we covered in our May Celebrity Round Up.


Ty Lawson Arrested For DUI In Los Angeles

Ty Lawson was arrested on DUI charges earlier this month after police stopped his vehicle in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old star point guard for the Denver Nuggets was arrested after being pulled over by California Highway Patrol in Los Angeles around 2:30am on July 14th.

According to reports, officers had Lawson take a field sobriety test after suspecting that he was intoxicated. Lawson was arrested on charges of intoxicated driving and taken to jail after failing the sobriety test.

This was Lawson’s second DUI arrest this year as he was previously arrested for DUI in Colorado back in January.

Jeremih Arrested On Birthday In LA

The famous American singer Jeremih was arrested on DUI charges earlier this month after California Highway Patrol officers pulled him over in the Los Angeles area.

The singer of the 2014 hit song “Don’t Tell ‘Em” was celebrating his 28th birthday on July 17th when he was arrested around 2:15am.

According to reports, Jeremih was released around 11:00am on July 17th.

Update: Flavor Flav Charged For DUI Arrest In May

Flavor Flav was charged with DUI and several other counts on July 16th in a hearing for his arrest that occurred in May.

The former star of reality television series “Flavor of Love” was charged with DUI, speeding and open container, amongst other charges.

We reported on the original DUI arrest in our May Celebrity DUI Round Up here.

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