April 2015 Celebrity DWI / DUI Round Up

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We are back again for the monthly DWI Celebrity Round Up! In this edition, we have compiled a list of celebrities who were arrested and in the news for DWI / DUI charges during the month of April. If you missed the March Round Up, you can catch up on it here.

At Levow DWI Law, P.C., we have successfully represented many individuals in the past, including several celebrities, who have been arrested for DUI / DWI charges in the State of New Jersey.

However, you will not find our clients on the celebrity roundup list because our experienced DWI attorneys are committed to defending the rights of each of our clients and protecting their privacy.

Even in the event that a client of ours found themselves in the spotlight, our years of experience in DWI law would allow us to effectively handle the situation.

However, many celebrities do find themselves in the news after being arrested on intoxicated driving charges. Unfortunately, many of these celebrities quickly fall on the sword, despite the fact that their cases can be defended and it is possible for them to beat the charges against them. This should not be your mentality if you happen to be arrested on a DWI charge because DWI cases can be fought and can be won.

Celebrities In The News For DUI In April

In this edition of our DUI / DWI Round Up we have compiled a short list of some noteworthy celebrities who were arrested and in the news for DUI or DWI charges in the month of April.

This month’s list includes the son of an international icon that you may know, as well as a top NFL prospect who was able to successfully fight the charges against him.

Daredevil Son Arrested For DUI After Car Accident

Robbie Knievel, American daredevil and son of international icon Evel Knievel, was arrested for DUI charges after allegedly causing a 4-car crash in Montana.

According to reports, Knievel fled the accident, which occurred on the night of April 21st, and was found by police a few blocks away standing outside of his car.

Police say that Robbie smelled of alcohol, but refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a result of the car accident.

This is the second time the daredevil was arrested on DUI charges. Knievel was arrested for DUI charges in 2013 after blowing 3 times the legal limit in South Dakota.

Football Star Pleads “Not Guilty” After DUI Arrest 

Former FSU star football player, P.J. Williams, was arrested for DUI on April 3rd after being pulled over by FSU police officers.

According to reports, Williams was pulled over around 3:00 a.m. after making an illegal left turn out of a McDonald’s parking lot in Tallahassee, FL.

The police report states that Williams was swaying and slurring his speech during the arrest, but refused to take a breathalyzer test.

After being arrested and taken to jail, Williams was released upon posting $500 bond. Days later, the college football star pled not guilty to the charges against him. His DUI lawyer told TMZ sports that Williams was the designated driver for the night, and although had admitted to drinking, had cut himself off hours before getting behind the wheel to drive his friends to McDonald’s.

As a result, Williams planned to fight the charges in court, which was scheduled for May 14th.  However, the charges were dropped in April.  As Williams refused to submit to a breath test, the officers were relying heavily on video footage from the police dashcam.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, significant parts of the DUI investigation and arrest were not captured on the dashboard camera due to the position of the police car. Thus, it was decided that the case was not strong enough against Williams and the charges were dropped.

On April 30th, just a few weeks after his arrest, P.J. Williams was drafted by the New Orleans Saints as the 78th overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

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