baby hedgehog
10 October 2018

Why Our New Jersey DWI Lawyers Love Garden State Discovery Museum

New Jersey is a great place to raise a family, with good schools, beautiful nature, and plenty of interesting museums and other educational destinations. Our Cherry Hill DWI lawyers personally love taking educational family weekend trips around the area. The Garden State Discovery Museum is a favorite for both parents and kids, although the museum is specifically designed for children. There are plenty of interesting workshops, programs, classes, and events here. It also makes for a great birthday party destination. Some of our favorite aspects of the Garden State Discovery Museum include:

Group Workshops

The group workshops at Discovery provide great opportunities for kids to learn in fun and unique environments. Some of our favorite workshops offered by the museum include:

  • Celia the Colorful Cow – A musical experience where kids learn the colors of the rainbow.
  • Curly the Caterpillar – Learn about metamorphosis by helping Curly through her own transformation.
  • Artology – Art and science intersect as kids learn about how the relationship between the two and use science to create their own art supplies.
  • Dino Tales – A theatre performance where dinosaurs take on the personas of popular fairy tale characters, including The Three Little Triceratops, the Big Bad T-Rex, and more.

Museum Outreach Programs

The Garden Discovery Museum also offers “museum on the move” programs. In fact, all workshops offered by the museum are also available outside of the museum. Some programs which work well on the move include:

  • Nocturnal Nature – In this program, kids can get up and personal with the museum’s nighttime critters, including tarantulas, snakes, and the crowd-favorite hedgehogs.
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  • The Frog Princess
  • Animal Tales
  • Discovering Dinosaurs
  • Stuffee: Your Amazing Body
  • Spectacular Science


The Garden State Discovery museum always has a schedule of interesting events on deck, which offer fun activities, learning opportunities, and festive experiences. Some exciting upcoming events at the museum include:

  • Fairy Ball – A true fairy-tale evening that kids and parents can enjoy together. Fun activities like photo opportunities with the Fairy Queen, fairy craft-making, a carriage ride, and a dance party.
  • Halloween Hootenanny – The museum’s exhibits take on a Halloween theme for October 26, with activities like crafting, dancing, and trick or treating with the decorated cars in the parking lot.
  • Discovery Theatre Presents – Sherlock Holmes – A Sherlock Holmes musical written by Jenn Adams and with music and lyrics from Brian Bacon.
  • Open Arms – A special night for autistic children and their families, where children on the spectrum can socialize in a safe place.