Camden NJ
07 November 2018

Visiting the Camden County Historical Society With Our Pennsauken DWI Lawyers

As one of the original 13 colonies, New Jersey is a state with a rich history stretching all the way back to colonial times. For history buffs living in or passing through the state, there are plenty of historical sites and museums worth visiting. In our opinion, the Camden County Historical Society does great work towards preserving the history of South Jersey. The group runs a research library and their own museum, along with preserving other sites and landmarks from throughout the region. Here are some reasons why our Pennsauken DWI lawyers think any history buff should be aware of the Camden County Historical Society:

History of the Camden County Historical Society

The Camden County Historical Society was founded in 1899 as a public non-profit organization. Their mission statement is to collect, preserve, study, interpret, and culturally enrich life in Camden County and the greater South Jersey area.

The CCHS has been housed in Pomona Hall since 1924. They also have a location at the Charles S. Boyer building, which includes the Hineline Research Library, auditorium, and the Camden County Museum. The Boyer building has been used for these purposes since 1967.

Goals of the CCHS

According to their website, the CCHS has a few main goals as part of their overall vision:

  • Providing educational experiences for students of all ages, from kindergarten to graduate school.
  • Making sure the society’s programs and exhibits reflect the demographic transformation of Camden County, celebrating the diversity of the area.
  • Create participatory and collaborate experiences which draw connections between communities, histories, memories, arts, and culture.

Pomona Hall

A visit to Pomona Hall will take you back to the year 1788, with a recreation of 18th-century domestic life for a wealthy family called the Coopers. Tours of Pomona Hall show visitors the daily life of European, African, and Native American cultures and relate these experiences to life in modern Camden County. This exhibit also takes a sociological slant by discussing the historical relationships between these different groups of people, along with focusing on the history of Camden as a whole and the Cooper family.

The Camden County Museum

Recently renovated, the Camden County Museum has displays from 170 years of Camden County history. Tours are self-guided and exhibits include a variety of themes from various eras of history. Currently, an original 101-year-old RCA Factory Nipper Stained Glass window and a mural of Camden’s history by local artist Donna Backues are on display at the museum.