kayakers on lake
02 January 2019

Visiting Haddon Lake Park With Our Woodbury DWI Lawyers

There’s nothing like a fun day in the park when the weather is nice in New Jersey. All across the state, there is a wide variety of parks, from small neighborhood playgrounds up to nationally recognized nature preserves. Our Woodbury DWI lawyers love taking our families on trips to these various parks during the spring and summer. Haddon Lake Park is one of our favorites. Spanning over 73 acres in Haddon Heights, Audubon, and Mount Ephraim, this expansive park has plenty of entertaining outdoor activities for everyone in the family. Some of our favorite things to do at Haddon Lake Park include:

Boating and Fishing

Obviously, the main draw of Haddon Lake Park is its namesake lake. The park has a public boat launch, with restrictions to small car top only and non-motorized boats. During the summer, we love taking outings here with family and friends to relax on the water, surrounded by the trees and the calming sounds of ducks quacking, water running, and our neighbors enjoying their own family trips to the park.

There is also a fishing pier located in the Audubon section of the park, so you can still enjoy some angling even if you don’t have a boat.

Hiking and Biking

If you’re looking to get in some cardio while at Haddon Lake Park, it’s also a great place for hikers and bikers. The park has a 1.72-mile bike path running from Station Ave to Mt. Ephraim. Taking a ride, hike, or jog around the path offers some great views of the majestic lake.


Getting the extended family together for an outdoor picnic is one of our favorite summer pastimes and Haddon Lake Park is one of our favorite locations. The park has a large picnic area with tables at all of the playgrounds. Additionally, there’s a gazebo which can make a nice shaded spot for a meal on a hot day.

Norcross-McLaughlin Memorial Dell

The Norcross-McLaughlin Memorial Dell is an outdoor amphitheater which holds open-air concerts. This fall, the amphitheater will be undergoing a large-scale makeover, as it has begun to age quite noticeably. There are changes to dismantle the stage and build a new one, which will be centered in the space. Other upgrades will include new seating, safety lighting, and improved accessibility for people with disabilities. These renovations are expected to be completed by the 2019 concert season.

This past summer, the Dell hosted the Sundown Music series, with several concerts throughout the season.