child enjoying the funplex
12 September 2018

Our Attorneys Love To Visit The Funplex!

In their downtime, our attorneys are always looking for something fun to do with their loved ones and one of their favorite places to visit is The Funplex!

Our DWI Lawyers Favorite Things To Do At The Funplex

What sort of fun can be had at the Funplex? Check out this list created by our DWI lawyers:


If you have a competitive streak and a need for speed, go-karts may be your favorite part of the Funplex! Race around twists and turns in your own kart or double up with a friend. The best part is that these karts are electrically powered which means you won’t be smelling any stinky exhaust!

Laser Tag

Split up into teams and defend your home base while tagging those on the opposing team in this great game. The whole family can join in on this game and kids will love the challenge.


This amazing virtual reality game has recently been added. You can fight dragons, throw snowballs at your friends, or interact with robots! You’ll completely forget that you’re in the Funplex, the imagery is so amazing!

The Arcade

Do you like to spend time playing old-fashioned arcade games? At the Funplex, you can enjoy games like:

  • Air Hockey
  • Skee Ball
  • Hot Shot Basketball

There are over 100 games to be played and if you aren’t careful, you might find that hours of your time have flown by!

Outdoor Water Park

During the summer the outdoor water is an absolute blast! Slides, water-based boardwalk games, a lazy river, and cabanas where you can take a rest are just a few of the best parts of the water park.

Video Games

It might seem odd to pay to play video games, but if you would like to try out some of the latest games for Xbox or PlayStation, or find others to compete against, the Gamer Lounge is the place to be! Visitors of all ages can choose from over 30 games!

The bottom line is that the Funplex has something for everyone so be sure to bring your friends and family for a great day!