bowl of tomato soup
13 February 2018

A Visit To Campbell’s Soup Company In Camden, NJ

Once a major center for business and commerce, the city of Camden has fallen on hard times in recent years. Many industries who were once based here have left for major cities, but Camden is still home to the Campbell Soup Company’s Headquarters. While they’re obviously best known for their soups, the company is split into three divisions: soups, baked snacks (including Pepperidge Farm products), and health beverages (including V8 juices).

Today, Campbell’s remains a vital part of both the national and local economy for Camden. They regularly participate in charity events, and in 2009, a new and expanded headquarters was built in the city. Our New Jersey DWI lawyers think Camden should be proud that such a major food company chooses to call them home.

Brands Owned By Campbell’s

Campbell’s manufactures a wide array of different food products under numerous brand names. some of their products include:

  • Campbell’s Condensed, Chunky, Fun Favor, and several other soups
  • Garden Fresh Gourmet line of salsas
  • Pace Foods salsas
  • Prego pasta sauces
  • Arnott’s Biscuits
  • Swanson Broth
  • International brands like Bla Band (Sweden and Finland), Devos Lemmens (Belgium), Erasco/Heisse Tasse (Germany), and Liebig (France)

Company History

Founded in 1869, Campbell’s is one of America’s oldest running corporations. The company was started by Joseph A. Campbell, who was a fruit merchant, and Abraham Anderson, an icebox manufacturer – both men were from New Jersey. The company adopted its signature red and white cans with bronze medal seals in 1898, and this design remains largely unchanged today. This design would become one of the first forms of collectible advertising, and Campbell’s one of the first companies to invest big money into advertising. The company also had several commercial sponsorships, including The Campbell Playhouse by Orson Welles.

Campbell’s and Andy Warhol

In the 1960s, legendary artist Andy Warhol elevated the Campbell’s soup can to a new level of pop art iconography. He transformed images of the can into a series of silkscreens, and would revisit this project frequently throughout the 60s and 70s.

The first series of Warhol’s soup cans were released as a set of 32 canvases in 1962. These original pieces were originally faithful adaptations of the Campbell’s design, but later in his career, Warhol experimented and made more surrealistic interpretations.

Over the year’s Warhol’s Campbell’s series has become one of the most famous examples of American pop art. In 2006, a piece called Small Torn Campbell Soup Can (Pepper Pot) sold for $11.8 million at an auction.

Campbell’s paid homage to Warhol in 2004 by releasing a limited-edition series of cans inspired by Warhol’s silkscreens.