swing in playground
30 January 2019

Reasons Why Our Parsippany DWI Lawyers Love Trips to Lake Parsippany Park

If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful park with nice equipment in the Parsippany area, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Lake Parsippany Park. Our kids love running around, climbing, swinging, and playing at this well-maintained park and playground. While the park is quiet during the day, it comes alive at night during the spring and summer. During baseball season, we like to stop by the concession stand and take in the game. Some more reasons why our Parsippany DWI lawyers love Lake Parsippany Park include:

Playground Features

There’s no shortage of opportunities for kids to play and exercise at Lake Parsippany Park. The centerpieces are two wooden play structures. One lets kids run up and down a long ramp, race each other in miniature cars, or roll balls. There are also triple purple slides. The second play structure is geared towards younger kids and features a playhouse and hide-and-seek tunnels.

If your kids are big fans of swingsets, you can find both toddler and full-sized sets on opposite ends of each other in the playground.

One interesting quirk is the wooden camel, which kids often enjoy posing for pictures on.

Sports Areas

Athletically-minded kids and adults can both enjoy playing sports on the athletic courts and fields in the park. The basketball courts are just a short walk from the playground, and it’s usually easy to find a pickup game on the weekend. There are also baseball fields, and we love relaxing with an ice cream or hot dog while watching a game. During the summer, it’s common to see an ice cream truck in the area around the park.

You can also enjoy a picnic in the sheltered area. Behind that area, hikers and bikers can ride or walk along the paved path.