playground swingset
02 January 2019

Our Pennsauken DWI Lawyers Recommend Visiting Von Nieda Park in Camden County

Camden’s newly renovated Von Nieda Park has become an extremely popular summer destination for families across Camden County because of its brand new sprayground. When our Pennsauken DWI lawyers are looking to treat our kids to a fun day in the sun without traveling too far, we love visiting this park. There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy here, along with a relaxing environment for adults to socialize with each other while keeping an eye on their kids. Some highlights from Von Nieda Park include:


The new park features a state-of-the-art sprayground, where kids can cool off while playing on hot summer days. Kids simply press blue hand buttons at the park and water sprays out from the ground and from structures around the park. Kids can play around with water pressure by covering up certain spots so that others shoot up even higher. There are also designated dry zones for adults to sit in away from the water.

A rain garden helps keep the park environmentally friendly by catching, filtering, and treating the water from the sprayground. There are also educational signs scattered throughout the area.

Von Nieta Park has the first sprayground in the Camden County Park System and was funded by a $125,000 grant from the American Water Charitable Foundation’s Building Better Communities signature grant program, which is administered by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA). Other supporters included the Cramer Hill Community Development Corporation and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Acres Program.

Sports Fields

Across the street from the sprayground, you’ll find sports fields where adults and kids can both play baseball, softball, soccer, football, ultimate disc, and more. This is especially convenient, as it’s great to cool down at the sprayground after a game in the hot sun.

Fenced-in Playground

The Von Nieda Park is worth visiting even outside of the summer months for its safe, fun, fenced-in playground. Kids can enjoy playing on two “big toy” type playground structures, numerous swingsets, along with open spaces for fun games of tag or capture the flag. The playground structures allow for climbing and have platforms connecting different parts of the structures.

Artistic Decor

We found Von Nieta Park to be very tastefully decorated. A twig and tree structure protrudes from near the sprayground, dropping its owner shower of water onto anyone standing below. The benches are beautifully painted in colorful designs. In general, this is a picturesque place to spend a summer afternoon with the family.