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24 July 2018

Our New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Visit The Museum of American Glass

If you’re looking for a fun and educational cultural experience in South Jersey, our New Jersey DWI lawyers think the Museum of American Glass is a fantastic choice. This extensive museum features both temporary exhibitions and a large collection of all types of glass. Some of our favorite sections currently on display here include:

Beauty Beyond Nature: The Glass Art  of Paul Stankard

On display through the end of 2018, this temporary exhibition features the botanical sculptures of American artist Paul Stankard. It was organized by the Robert M. Minkoff Foundation and guest curated by Andrew Page. Stankard has been called “the father of modern paperweights”, and his colorfully detailed glassworks have inspired countless other artists. Before Stankard, paperweights were seen as simple crafts, whereas today, there are many paperweights that are considered fine art. This exhibition chronicles his development as an artist, beginning with his early experiments and gradually progressing to his most complex pieces.

Symbiotic Spheres: The Interlocking Worlds of Glass, Science, and Art

This is another temporary exhibition on display at the Museum of American Glass until the end of 2018. Curated by Brooklyn artist Benjamin Wright, this exhibition includes works from more than 20 contemporary glass artists whose work has science influences. These pieces prompt viewers to consider how both art and science involve a great deal of creativity. Additionally, the use of glass challenges the division between these two fields, showing how they can be intertwined.

Artists featured in Symbiotic Spheres include:

  • Rik Allen
  • Larry Bergner
  • Hugo Bastidas and Elizabeth Demaray
  • Robert C. Beck and Sarah Max Beck
  • Dennis Briening
  • Jeremy Bert
  • Ian Burns
  • Dr. Jane Cook
  • Elizabeth Demaray
  • Karen Donnellan and John Hogan
  • Jen Elek
  • Jessica Jane Julius
  • Nina Katchadourian
  • David King
  • Eve Andrée Laramée
  • Dick Marquis
  • Stanislav Müller
  • Nate Riccuto
  • Anna Riley
  • Hiromi Takizawa
  • Leo Tecosky and Simon Klenell
  • Kim Thomas
  • Joe Upham
  • Zac Weinberg
  • Bryan McGovern Wilson

Permanent Collections

Along with a rotation of temporary exhibitions, the Museum of American Glass also houses several permanent collections. Some of our favorites include:

Historic American Glass

This collection is one of the most important in the museum, as it embodies their mission to collect and preserve all types of American glass from all eras of American history. One main focus of the museum is the preservation of the Mid-Atlantic glass industry, with a detailed look at the history of glass production in New Jersey.

Contemporary Glass Art

This collection is comprised of a variety of fine art, with a specialization on one-of-a-kind pieces and limited series. Most of these pieces were created sometime after 1960. This collection mostly consists of pieces from the Creative Glass Center of America fellowship program.


This collection is made up of pieces from a purchase by museum founder Frank Wheaton Jr. in 1972. 3,580 pieces of pottery, along with related objects were bought from Stangl Pottery and added to the collection after the factory closed down.