sculpture of woman in park
30 July 2018

Our New Jersey DWI Lawyers Visit Grounds For Sculpture In Trenton

Northern New Jersey is full of interesting cultural destinations. Our Hamilton Township DWI lawyers love traveling through this part of the state and visiting museums and other cultural sites covering all types of interesting topics. Located in Hamilton Township, the beautiful Grounds For Sculpture is one of our favorite sites to visit when we’re looking to appreciate some fine art. They have a steady rotation of temporary exhibits, along with an impressive permanent museum collection. Some of our favorite current exhibits at the Grounds for Sculpture include:

Masayuki Koorida: Sculpture

On display from now through March 17, 2019, this exhibition features a wide selection of sculptures by Japanese artist Masayuki Koorida. This is Koorida’s first major exhibition in the United States. The exhibition is mainly comprised of large-scale granite and marble works, along with smaller pieces made from stainless steel and acrylic. Additionally, several new drawings are also on display. Koorida’s works make you think and can also be interactive, allowing the audience to deeply engage with the art.

Michael Rees: Synthetic Cells

Michael Rees’ work combines elements of digital technology with unique materials to create thoughtful and visually striking sculptures. In Synthetic Cells, his works explore the relationship between objects, perception, and reality. Viewers may be inspired to ponder how the physical and digital worlds are merging as technology becomes more and more advanced. This is a truly thought-provoking exhibition which will leave you thinking long after you leave the Grounds for Sculpture.

Harp of David #1 by Dina Wind

This July, the Grounds for Sculpture installed a 26-foot enlargement of Dina Wind’s famous piece entitled Harp of David #1. Wind was an Israeli-born artist who spent her developmental years as an artist in Philadelphia. Originally a painter, she eventually began welding scrap metal into complex and intricate abstract sculptures of varying sizes. Wind passed away in 2014, but left a large collection of works in her art studio and throughout numerous public and private collections.

James Carl: oof & woof

This exhibition just opened at the end of July and will be on display through January 5, 2020. Oof and woof are parallel exhibits and the major United States debut for Canadian artist James Carl.

Oof is a massive scaled wall relief built from brown cardboard. The cardboard has been dye-cut, assembled together, and installed on an 80-foot wall.

Woof features work from the artist’s Jalousie series, which began in 2007 and is still being added to today. This exhibition involves mathematically and precisely weaved Venetian blinds sourced from discarded mass-produced blinds.

This abstract exhibition may sound strange, and it is, but it’s also very visually appealing.