swingset in park
30 January 2019

Our Favorite Activities at Dudley Grange Park in Camden County

In an era where it’s far too easy to fall into an addiction to our smartphones, tablets, televisions, and other screens, our Pennsauken DWI lawyers think it’s important to make sure both kids and parents continue to spend time in the outdoors. Luckily, the Pennsauken area has plenty of parks and other outdoor spaces where families can enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is nice. Dudley Grange Park is a favorite of ours when we’re looking to take our kids out for a fun day playing outside with friends and neighbors. Some of our favorite activities and features of this park include:

Playground Features

Of course, kid-friendly activities are the most important aspect of any park. Fortunately, the playground area at Dudley Grange Park checks all of the boxes we look for in a good playground. It’s located a safe distance from the street, there’s plenty of space to run around, and the playground equipment is safe, well-maintained, and most importantly, fun. There is a brightly-colored play structure where kids can climb, swing, slide, run and jump. Other features include 4 regular-sized swingsets, 4 baby swingsets, slides, and a fountain for cooling off from the summer heat.

Picnic Areas

We like to pack a quick and simple lunch of sandwiches, chips, and veggies and enjoy a meal at one of the picnic tables and benches scattered around the park. Our kids always enjoy taking a break from playing to enjoy a meal at Dudley Grange Park.

Tennis Courts

If your family likes to play tennis, you’re in luck at Dudley Grange Park. The courts here are always in great shape. You and your significant other can enjoy playing a game while the kids are on the playground, or maybe even have a family doubles match.

Chess and Checkerboard Tables

We love the fact that there are stone tables with checkered tops for games of chess and checkers. Bring your own set of pieces of pick up some stones from around the park for an impromptu game.