Who Has Been Charged With DUI / DWI Since Super Bowl XLVIII?

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NFL Players Arrested for DWI / DUI since Seattle Beat Denver in Super bowl XLVIII

It's that time of year when for one weekend, pretty much everyone's plans revolve around football and the Super Bowl. As the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots go head to head, we wanted to take some time out and take a look at the year in review since the last Super Bowl to see which NFL stars made headlines off the field.

Here at Levow DWI Law, P.C., we have represented several professional athletes who were charged with a DWI. However, you will not see their names on the list below or see their names in the media because we have been successful in each of their cases, and our strict confidentiality policy precludes media coverage on the matters. For us its simple, we protect all our clients. However, here are ten NFL stars that found themselves in the spotlight for DWI and DUI charges.

10 NFL Stars Charged with DWI / DUI:

Spencer Ware - Seattle Seahawks

On January 12, 2015, Spencer Ware, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, was arrested for DUI suspicion hours after Seattle beat New Orleans in the NFC playoffs.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Jabari Prince - Minnesota Vikings

Vikings linebacker, Jabari Prince, was arrested on December 29, 2014 on DUI charges after being pulled over for speeding. He was charged with misdemeanor drunk driving. The ongoing case has not reached a resolution yet.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Da'Rick Rogers - Indianapolis Colts

Da'Rick Rogers, a wide receiver with the Indianapolis Colts, was pulled over on September 29, 2014 for suspected drunk driving, because he was swerving in traffic in Indianapolis. Legal charges are still pending, but the Colts cut him later that day.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Alan Branch - Buffalo Bills

Alan Branch, Buffalo Bills defensive tackle, was arrested and charged with DWI in upstate New York on August 22, 2014. When he took a sobriety test, his blood-alcohol content was .14 percent. The Bills cut him from the team a day later.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Le'Veon Bell - Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Le'Veon Bell, was arrested August 20, 2014 on charges of possession of marijuana and for driving under the influence. Also arrested for possession was LeGarrette Blount (also a Steeler running back). Officers found a 20 gram bag of marijuana in the car.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Josh Gordon - Cleveland Browns

Josh Gordon, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, was arrested and charged after he was caught speeding in Raleigh, North Carolina on the morning of July 4, 2014. His alleged blood alcohol level was .09 when tested. A passenger in the car also faced a marijuana charge.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

John Abraham - Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals outside linebacker, John Abraham, was charged with DUI on June 29, 2014 in DeKalb County, Georgia. He also faced multiple other charges at the time. Abraham has prior arrest records, and at least one of them was a DUI related case.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Sean Smith - Kansas City Chiefs

Sean Smith, Kansas City Chiefs corner-back, was cited for DUI and careless driving on June 6, 2014 after he crashed into a pole. An officer witnessed the accident.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Fred Davis - Washington Redskins

Fred Davis, tight end for the Washington Redskins, was arrested and charged with DWI on February 20, 2014 in Tysons Corner, VA (a Washington suburb). He was allegedly asleep in his Rolls-Royce with the keys in the ignition when he was charged. The incident happened a day after he was released by the NFL for violation of their substance abuse policy. The charges were later dismissed.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

Eric Henderson - Minnesota Vikings

Eric Henderson, linebacker with the Minnesota Vikings, received his second DUI charge in three months on January 2, 2014 after he crashed his car into a tree. He refused to take a breathalyzer test and was consequently charged with that as well. He was also accused of marijuana possession at the time. He went on to be arrested in November for a DUI where his breathalyzer scored 0.110 for blood alcohol content. He pleaded guilty to fourth-degree-intoxicated driving, and received two years' probation. The team released him soon after his second arrest.[gdlr_divider type="solid" size="50%" ]

While this concludes the list for DWI, there were several other arrests which included, drug possession, domestic abuse, and assault.

Non-Players - Coaching Staff and Owners Charged with DWI

It isn't only NFL players who have been in the spotlight for DWI since the last Super Bowl. On March 16, 2014, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, was arrested for failing several field sobriety tests and having multiple prescription drugs in the car. He was charged with a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated as well as four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Consequences and NFL Response

The NFL has come under a lot of scrutiny by the media in recent months, considering the allegations on child abuse where Adrian Peterson was suspended, Ray Rice's suspension for the altercation with his wife in an elevator, and of course "deflategate", where Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been accused of cheating. As a result, the NFL has adopted a knee-jerk reaction in most instances to appease the media and general public, irrespective of guilt or innocence. While the presumption of innocence until proven guilty has built our judicial system, the public normally assumes that the charges are true.

As you saw, in the 10 reported DWIs above, most of the NFL stars were either suspended by the League, or released from their teams. The consequences for these stars are very serious. However, irrespective of whether you are a NFL superstar, celebrity, lawyer, plumber, or nurse, the cost of a DWI has a large impact on your life. As a result, it is very important to retain experienced legal counsel to fight the DWI.

From all here at Levow DWI Law, P.C., we hope you enjoy the big game this weekend and stay safe.

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