05 October 2018

Spend The Day Exploring The Morris Museum

Have you been looking for something to do on a rainy day? Do you love to visit museums? Then you need to make time in your schedule to visit the Morris Museum.

Exceptional Collections & Fun Shows Can Be Found At The Morris Museum

It doesn’t matter where you interests lie, something can be found for everyone at the Morris Museum. Check out our DWI lawyers favorite parts of the museum:

The Dinosaur Den

Dinosaurs have fascinated humans ever since the first skeleton was discovered and at the Morris Museum visitors can learn more about these giants who once roamed the earth. In fact – visitors can even touch a real dinosaur egg! In addition to viewing fossils and dino tracks, the museum also focuses on teaching adults and children about the dinosaurs that once lived in New Jersey!

Model Trains

If you or a loved one are as obsessed with trains as Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory then you need to visit the model train and railroad exhibit! Here you can watch trains go through three different tracks and children can enjoy books about trains. There are even seasonal exhibits!

Mammal Gallery

What kinds of mammals live in New Jersey and why do they do the things they do? You can find the answers to those questions in the Mammal Gallery! Learn about animal behavior and see taxidermied specimens in this large exhibit.

The Bickford Theatre

Take in a wide variety of shows at the Bickford Theater, including musical performances and even performances using the spoken word. The theater schedule changes regularly so be sure to check it often!


If you are visiting with a group of 10 or more, the museum will arrange for a tour!

Family Fun Days

Throughout the year, the museum hosts family fun days which includes days centered around topics like:

  • Chemistry
  • Halloween
  • Rocks & Minerals

This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn something new while spending time with the family!