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Being arrested for a DWI is a scary and stressful experience. It may seem like you don’t have any options but you can fight the charges that have been filed against you.

In order for the state to convict you of a DWI, they must prove that you were driving a vehicle in New Jersey, that the police started the traffic stop which resulted in your arrest lawfully, that the arrest was performed correctly, and that all physical evidence was collected and submitted to evidence according to police procedure. While this might seem simple enough, many mistakes can be made at any point in time and our team will be sure to discover the mistake and challenge your arrest in court.

The penalties for a DWI can be reduced or avoided entirely, however, you must contact our experienced attorneys as soon as possible so that we can begin working on your case. Time is of the essence.

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Do you know how severe the penalties are for anyone convicted of a DWI? Depending on the circumstances, you may face thousands of dollars in fines, time spent in jail, the loss of your license, the required use of an interlock ignition device, and could be required to perform community service.

However, you can fight a DWI charge. Common ways to challenge the charges include:

  1. Contesting the traffic stop which led to your arrest
  2. Arguing that the chemical tests were administered incorrectly
  3. Arguing that the arrest was performed incorrectly
  4. Challenging the arresting officer’s stated probable cause for arrest

When you work with Levow DWI Law, we will review every aspect of your case and determine how to best build your defense.

You only have 60 days before your case appears before a judge so don’t hesitate to call.

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If you’ve been arrested for a DWI and you submitted a blood, urine, or breath test, you may believe there is no way that you could challenge these results or get them dismissed and you may be right – if you choose to fight the charges on your own.

But if you work with an experienced law firm like Levow DWI Law, you may be able to have the results of your chemical test suppressed, greatly strengthening your case. Remember, police officers are human and tests aren’t always 100% accurate. If a mistake was made our lawyers will find it and fight to save your license.