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Have you been arrested for a DWI in East Hanover? You don’t have to simply accept the penalties – instead, you have the right to fight the charges that have been filed against you.

Let our experienced local attorneys review your case and build a defense that is completely custom to your situation. Often, we are able to challenge the traffic stop, the arrest, or the chemical tests that were administered. Examples of how we have challenged DWI charges in the past include:

  • Challenging the stated reason the arresting officer gave for beginning a traffic stop.
  • If the traffic stop occurred because of an incorrectly posted street sign, challenging the traffic stop.
  • Challenging an arrest because the officer had no proof that the person they were arresting was driving a vehicle or even intended to drive a vehicle.
  • Challenging the chemical test because it was administered inappropriately.

You can be sure that if a mistake was made our legal team will find it. Then, we will aggressively fight to get the charges against you dismissed. Call our Parsippany office today to learn more.

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You might be wondering if you really need to work with an attorney after a DWI and the answer is yes! DWI Law is complex and it’s important to work with an attorney who is fully aware of all of your rights and all of the ways in which your arrest can be challenged. If you fight this alone, you may have to:

Spend Time In Jail

Depending on the circumstances you could spend between 30 – 180 days in jail. This may severely impact your personal life and your career.

Pay Heavy Fines

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or third offense, anyone found guilty of a DWI will have to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

Perform Community Service

A judge may order you to complete a set number of hours of community service.

Use An Interlock Ignition Device

This device will be installed on every vehicle that you own. Imagine having to explain this device to friends and family members who get into your car  – is that something you want to have to do?

Our lawyers have helped hundreds of people reduce or completely eradicate the penalties that they face and we can help you too.

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You might be under the impression that there is nothing you can do to help our legal team build your defense, however, there are steps you can take from the very beginning of your ordeal which may provide us with the evidence we need to get the charges against you dismissed.

After an arrest for a DWI, you should write down the following things:

  1. The reason the arresting officer gave for pulling you over.
  2. The type of chemical test that was administered (if any).
  3. How long the officer spoke with you before administering the test.
  4. Anything the officer said.
  5. How much you had to drink and when.
  6. The contact information of any witnesses.

You never know what will provide us with the crucial piece of evidence needed in your case, so even if something seems trivial, write it down. Together, we will work through the facts and fight for your rights.

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