trees in an arboretum
19 September 2018

Why You Need To Visit The Friends of The Frelinghuysen Arboretum

The Frelinghuysen Arboretum is a breathtaking 127 acres filled with hundreds of different plants that amaze visitors all year round.

The Arboretum That Was Once A Farm

In 1891, George and Sarah Frelinghuysen made arrangements to have a summer home and carriage house built on property they had purchased and named “Whippany Farm”. For many decades to come, the couple would use this house and property as their summer home, spending their winter months in New York City.

Even in their absence workers maintained the farm and used both the land and greenhouses constructed on the property to produce vegetables and flowers which would be sent by train to the family in the city. Their daughter, Matilda, fell in love with gardening and when she inherited the farm, she spent years transforming the farm into an arboretum. Upon her death in 1969, she left the land to the People of Morris County to be used as a public arboretum.

Two years later, The Frelinghuysen Arboretum was dedicated to Matilda and her family

What Our DWI Attorneys Love About The Frelinghuysen Arboretum

There always seems to be an event happening at the Arboretum! In the past, our DWI attorneys have participated in:

A Photo Scavenger Hunt

Bring the whole family and your camera as you hunt through the Arboretum! Pick one of the many scavenger hunt lists in the Haggerty Education Center and if you find everything on the list, you win a prize!

The lists change every single month so each month you’ll have a new challenge!

Tours Of Bamboo Brook

On the third Sunday of every month from May to October, visitors can enjoy a tour of Bamboo Brook which is a stunning garden. If you go, make sure to wear your sturdy walking shoes!

Growing Your Groceries

Are you always wondering how you can grow many of the vegetables that you purchase at the grocery store, join this event! Even those who have a green thumb can learn some valuable gardening techniques for getting the most out of each harvest.

Children’s Activities

Children of all ages can come to the Arboretum to explore gardening topics through stories, songs, games, and art activities! Not only will they get to explore our natural world but they will be encouraged to literally dig in the dirt!

For students who are homeschooled, we offer plant science classes which can be added to your child’s ongoing education.

Keep an eye on the Arboretums calendar which changes frequently as new events are added.