25 January 2019

DWI in Hamilton Township, Atlantic County by the Numbers

Each year, the Township of Hamilton Police Department releases an annual report that provides the public with a comprehensive overview of police operations, staffing, and statistics broken down by beat area and sector. Our Vineland DWI lawyers decided to take a look at this report to get a better understanding of drunk driving in this region. The department’s most recent report is from 2016. Here is a summary of what we found:

An Overview of Traffic Accidents in Hamilton Township

With three major highways running through the township, there is plenty of traffic in Hamilton Township. Routes 322, 40, and 50 all experience significant traffic flow throughout the week from locals and those traveling between destinations in New Jersey.

In 2016, there were a total of 1,608 accidents reported to the department. Here is a breakdown of those numbers:

  • 1,410 required a State accident report completed by the responding police officer
  • 8 fatalities
  • 389 injuries
  • 10 pedestrian crashes
  • 39 DUI-related crashes

2016 DUI Arrests in Hamilton Township

Now let’s take a look at DUI arrest statistics in 2016. That year, there were 146 DUI arrests. Most of these arrests were made during the early morning hours and within Areas 2 and 6. This has been a constant trend in Hamilton Township over the past five years. Areas 3 and 4 had the lowest incidents of DUI arrests.

The 34-39 years old age group represents the most frequent offender for DUI arrests in Hamilton Township.

Men were also arrested for DUI at a higher percentage than women – with a total of 100 arrests compared to 46 for women.

Hamilton Township in Top 10 DUI Municipalities

A recent report by the USA Today Network published statistics on DUI arrests throughout the state of New Jersey. This report revealed that in both 2017 and 2018, Hamilton Township (Atlantic County) was in the top 10 DUI municipalities. Not only that, but there was a drastic increase in arrests these two years when compared to the most recently reported statistics in the police department’s 2016 report.

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 DUI municipalities for the fiscal year 2018:

  1. Camden City – 495
  2. Hamilton Township (Atlantic Co.) – 460
  3. Trenton – 437
  4. Woodbridge – 370
  5. Newark – 353
  6. Toms River – 338
  7. Wall Twp – 320
  8. Jersey City – 315
  9. Pennsauken – 309
  10. Howell – 307

And here is the same breakdown for the fiscal year 2017:

  1. Camden City – 449
  2. Newark – 434
  3. Woodbridge – 412
  4. Hamilton Township (Atlantic Co.) – 382
  5. Toms River – 368
  6. Hamilton Twp – 358
  7. Wall Twp – 347
  8. Paterson – 321
  9. Howell Twp – 307
  10. New Brunswick – 305

As you can see, DUI arrests in Hamilton Township more than doubled from 2016 to 2017 and saw another significant jump between 2017 and 2018.