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30 January 2019

DUI Checkpoints in and Around Hamilton Township (Atlantic County), New Jersey

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DUI checkpoints are a controversial topic. Supporters of these checkpoints argue that they keep our streets safe from drunk drivers, while opponents claim that the checkpoints are a violation of our constitutional rights against unreasonable police searches. Regardless of where your opinion lies, these checkpoints have become a fact of life for Americans in most states. Our Hamilton Township DUI lawyers have decided to take a look at the nature of DUI checkpoints in Hamilton Township (Atlantic County), New Jersey.

Recent DUI Checkpoints Around Hamilton Township (Atlantic County)

Information on past DUI checkpoints can be found online, which can help provide insight into where future checkpoints may occur. While drunk driving should always be avoided at all costs, it can still be worthwhile to know where these checkpoints are, as they can be a major inconvenience to all drivers. Here is a list of some of the DUI checkpoints near Hamilton Township (Atlantic County) over the past few years, from DUIBlock.com:

  • Egg Harbor Township
    • E Black Horse Pike and Tilton Road
    • Black Horse Pike and Lincoln Ave
    • Black Horse Pike and English Creek Ave
    • Shore Mall – Black Horse Pike
    • Black Horse Pike – between Tilton Road and Uibel Ave
  • Hammonton
    • US-30 – Econo Lodge Area
    • S White Horse Pike
  • Landisville
    • Harding Hwy and Southwest Blvd Area
  • Mays Landing
    • Undisclosed location
  • Linwood
    • US-9
    • W. Poplar Ave and New Rd
    • New Rd
    • Route 9 near the police station
    • Linwood City Limits
  • Absecon
    • White Horse Pike and New Rd.
    • Absecon Boulevard and Wynnewood Dr.
    • Atlantic County Limits
  • Pleasantville
    • Black Horse Pike
  • Somers Point
    • Shore Rd
  • Atlantic City
    • Black Horse Pike and Garden State Parkway
    • County Limits

The most recent of these checkpoints is from September 2018 and they go back to August of 2009.

Do DUI Checkpoints Violate the Fourth Amendment?

Those who oppose DUI checkpoints often claim that checkpoints are a violation of our Fourth Amendment right, which protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizure of property. These claims were the subject of a Supreme Court case in 1990. That year, the Court ruled that DUI checkpoints are likely an infringement on these rights, but that that the infringement is worthwhile in order to protect the public from the dangers of drunk driving. The Supreme Court also set some guidelines that law enforcement is required to follow when running DUI checkpoints.

There are several states that still consider DUI checkpoints unconstitutional and refuse to hold them:

  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

What to Do If You’ve Been Arrested for DWI in Hamilton Township

If you’ve recently been stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and charged with DWI, it’s important to be aware of your legal rights. First and foremost, you should strongly consider exercising your right to legal counsel. A lawyer can potentially help you reduce your chargers or prove that you’re not guilty of the offense. To learn more about your legal options after being charged with DWI, get in touch with one of our experienced DWI defense lawyers for a free consultation.