officers going to make a DWI arrest
18 September 2018

Celebrity DWI/DUI Roundup – September 2018

If you’ve been recently charged with a DWI in New Jersey, you might be thinking that you can fight the charges against you on your own, without the help of an attorney. But the reality is that without a DWI lawyer, you are much more likely to face the harshest penalties possible. Each month, we publish our Celebrity DUI Roundup to highlight how even the rich and powerful will face the penalties associated with a DWI unless they work with an experienced attorney.

Former Wizards Of Waverly Place Arrested For DUI At Burning Man

Daniel Samonas, who once played opposite Selena Gomez in a Disney Channel series, was arrested in Nevada for reportedly driving while under the influence.

According to the police report, Samonas was driving a vehicle through the Burning Man festival in an aggressive and reckless manner, causing officers to pull him over. Officers are still waiting on the results of his blood test, and he was released on a bond the next day.

Angela Deem, Star of 90 Day Finance, Charged With A DUI

On September 2nd, 2018, Angela Deem was pulled over in Montgomery County, Georgia for driving 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. In his booking report, the officer who pulled her over stated that he smelled alcohol in the car, and when he inquired as to why the car smelled of alcohol, the TV star alleged that a bottle had spilled in her back seat. She was asked to complete a sobriety field test which she failed. The officer then arrested her for driving while under the influence.

The report further states that Deem was highly uncooperative during her arrest, screaming that she feared the officer and that the officer was racist.

Former NFL Wide Receiver Pleads Guilty To DWI

In December 2017, Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested in Missouri for driving while intoxicated. The former NFL star was allegedly driving to pick up a friend who called for a ride because he had just been pulled over for driving while intoxicated.

When Green-Beckham arrived, officers noted that his eyes were bloodshot and he was slurring his speech. He was asked to take a breath test which he failed. Instead of providing his friend with a safe ride, both of them were booked.

On September 17th, 2018, he arrived in court and pled guilty to a misdemeanor DWI. He now faces up to six months in jail, however, sentencing won’t take place until October 2018.

Reasons Why You Should Call A NJ DWI Lawyer If You’ve Been Charged With A DWI

If you’ve been charged with a DWI you should contact an attorney as quickly as possible. You might be under the impression that there is no way to defend yourself, however, this simply isn’t true.

Often, the police make mistakes during the traffic stop and the arrest. Examples of common mistakes that officers make include:

  1. Initiating a stop without probable cause. Officers must be able to describe a traffic violation or motor vehicle violation in detail.
  2. Creating an improper road block, specifically to conduct DWI checkpoints. In order to be legal, these checkpoints must be set up in a specific manner.
  3. Improperly administering a breath, blood, or urine test.

These are just a few of the defenses that our legal team may be able to use to defend your rights and save your license. Contact us at one of our local DWI law offices to learn more.