27 March 2019

Celebrity DUI / DWI Roundup – February 2019

No one is immune from a DWI arrest. Nowhere is this point more apparent than in the news, where we frequently read about celebrities being arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Our Celebrity DUI/DWI Roundup is a monthly publication highlighting the DWI arrests of famous people throughout the country. We don’t publish these stories to make light or poke fun, but to reinforce that there are legal options available to all those arrested for DWI, celebrity or otherwise.

At Levow DWI Law, we frequently see individuals charged with drunk driving capitulating and pleading guilty to the charges against them. All too often, drivers assume that nothing can be done after a DWI arrest. Some hire attorneys, but many lawyers simply walk their clients into the courtroom to accept a conviction. It doesn’t have to be this way. You have powerful legal options, and it is possible to beat these charges. A DWI conviction is not a foregone conclusion.

Were you or a loved one charged with DWI in New Jersey? Contacting an experienced DWI defense lawyer is the best choice you can make during this trying time. If convicted, you face harsh penalties, including stiff fines, a license suspension and even jail time. Don’t forfeit your freedom. You deserve the opportunity to fight the charges against you. Our award-winning team of DWI attorneys has the in-depth knowledge and successful experience necessary to help you craft a strong defense.

Our attorneys have helped numerous New Jersey drivers maintain their freedom after a DWI arrest. There are many ways to challenge a DWI charge, from challenging the arrest itself to arguing against the admission of chemical test results. Before making any major decisions, we urge you to contact an experienced DWI attorney today to learn more about your full range of legal options.

Thomas Markle Jr. Arrested For DUI

Thomas Markle Jr., half-brother to Duchess Meghan Markle, was arrested for DWI early on the morning of Friday, January 11, 2019 in Oregon. Markle’s older brother was pulled over by police at 1:33 in the morning. The 52-year-old was subjected to a field sobriety test that police say confirmed his intoxication. Reports suggest he also submitted to a breath test, blowing a 0.11 BAC, three points over the legal limit of 0.8 percent. According to E! Online, Markle was subsequently sent to a detox center, Grants Pass Sober Center, where he could sober up. His Chevy Silverado was impounded.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Charged With DWI

Gina Kirschenheiter, star on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, was arrested for driving under the influence on the morning of Thursday, January 31, 2019. Kirschenheiter, 34, was booked in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. According to public affairs officer Jaimee Blashaw, who spoke to US Weekly, Kirschenheiter was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested for DUI at 12:20 a.m.

Kirschenheiter released a statement the following day, saying, “I made a very bad choice the other night after a mom’s night out. I am extremely disappointed in myself and regret my actions wholeheartedly. I have learned a valuable lesson and hope to show you all that this one incident does not define me.” In a lengthy Instagram post on February 4, Kirschenheiter vowed never to drink and drive again, writing, “I am awake now.”

Less than a week after her DWI arrest, Kirschenheiter was pulled over again, this time for using a cellphone as she was driving. According to the Orange County Superior Court, Kirschenheiter was stopped by police on Wednesday, February 6 and cited for “driving while operating a handheld wireless telephone or electronic wireless communications device.”

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Charged with DUI / DWI in New Jersey? Our dedicated team of DWI defense attorneys are here to help. After our latest roundup of stories, it should be clear that even the famous and powerful can find themselves facing trouble after a DUI charge.

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