Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up - September 2015
10 January 2017

Celebrity DUI / DWI Roundup (December 2016)

Celebrity DUI / DWI ReportThe Celebrity DUI Roundup is a monthly publication covering the most recent drunk driving arrests involving celebrities. While this publication covers celebrity DUI arrests, the idea is not to simply that noteworthy people have been arrested for drunk driving. Instead, the Celebrity DUI Roundup is meant to inform readers about the many legal options available to them after a DUI arrest.

The DUI defense attorneys at Levow DWI Law have seen far too many people give up and simply “fall on the sword” after being arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. As a result, we are committed to helping drivers understand all of their legal options after a DUI arrest. These cases can be won, and we routinely win them for our clients

Celebrity DUI Arrests In December

This month’s edition of the Celebrity DUI Roundup includes DUI arrest stories involving a 3rd baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates and a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.

MLB Player Jung Ho Kang Arrested For DUI In South Korea

Baseball PlayerMajor League Baseball player Jung Ho Kang was recently arrested on drunk driving charges in South Korea after fleeing the scene of an accident.

According to reports, the 29-year-old MLB star was driving a vehicle in Seoul on December 2nd when he allegedly crashed into a guardrail and fled the scene of the accident with one other passenger in his vehicle.

Police later caught up with Kang who claimed that his friend was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, but the vehicle’s black box apparently identified Kang as the driver.

Kang, who plays 3rd base for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was also a member of South Korea’s World Baseball Classic roster, but has been cut from the South Korean team following his DUI arrest.

NFL Star Michael Floyd Arrested For DUI In Scottsdale, Arizona

According to reports, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested on DUI charges on Monday, December 12th, in Scottsdale, AZ.

Floyd allegedly fell asleep at the wheel while he was stopped at a traffic light. Police officers apparently pulled over Floyd’s vehicle after noticing that it was stopped for a significant period of time after the light had turned green.

Officers at the scene of the arrest say that Floyd refused to take a breath test when they asked him to do so.  Floyd was ultimately arrested on two counts of DUI, obstructing a roadway, and failure to obey a law enforcement officer.

The 27-year-old wide receiver was cut from the Cardinals roster after news of his DUI arrest broke, but was picked up by the New England Patriots shortly thereafter.

Arrested For Drunk Driving? Contact A DUI Attorney

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It is often possible to challenge a drunk driving arrest with the help of an experienced DWI defense attorney.

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