Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up - August 2016

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Celebrity DUI Arrest

The Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up is a monthly article that recaps celebrity DUI arrests that have occurred recently.

This edition of the Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up covers the stories of celebrities arrested on intoxicated driving charges in the month of August and also provides updates about pending celebrity DUI cases.

However, the Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up is not meant to simply highlight the fact that celebrities have been arrested for drunk driving. Instead, this article is meant to highlight the alternative legal options that are available to those arrested (whether celebrity or not) on DUI charges.

At Levow DWI Law, P.C., our New Jersey DUI defense attorneys are dedicated to helping drivers throughout the US to understand their legal options after a DUI arrest. We see too many individuals simply plead guilty to the charges against them after being arrested for suspicion of intoxicated driving without considering other options. The reality is that it is often possible to challenge your DUI charges with the help of an experienced DUI defense lawyer in order to obtain a more favorable outcome.

Celebs Arrested On Drunk Driving Charges

This month’s Celebrity DUI / DWI Round Up includes the recent DUI arrest of MLB pitcher Jeremy Jeffress, as well as an update on a DUI case involving WWE hall-of-famer Tammy Sytch.

MLB Pitcher Jeremy Jeffress Arrested For DUI In Dallas, TX

Texas Rangers pitcher Jeremy Jeffress was arrested on driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges in Dallas, Texas after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop in August.

According to reports, Jeffress was pulled over by Dallas PD on August, 26th at 2:24am for a routine traffic stop when officers allegedly noticed that the MLB pitcher appeared to be intoxicated.

An official police report, obtained by Dallas News, says that Jeffress told officers that he had “three or four cups of Hennessy cognac mixed with Coca-Cola” earlier in the night.

Jeffress allegedly failed a field sobriety test that was administered by law enforcement officers on the scene.

He was then arrested on DWI charges and taken to a nearby police station where he was booked on the charges.

WWE Hall-of-Famer Tammy Sytch Avoids Jail Time In Triple DUI Arrest Case

Tamara Lynn Sytch (also known as Sunny in the WWF community) recently avoided jail time in her case involving three DUI charges.

The former WWE wrestler and manager appeared in court in August to be sentenced for three separate DUI convictions from 2015.

Each DUI conviction had the potential to carry a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail. However, with the help of a DUI defense attorney Sytch was able to avoid jail time altogether.

According to reports, the judge technically sentenced Sytch to a total of 90 days in jail, but also gave her jail credit for the 97 days that she spent in a rehab center earlier this year.

Sytch was also sentenced to five years of parole with bi-weekly alcohol testing, 125 hours of community service and must pay more than $2,100 in fines.

Without a DUI defense attorney on her side Tammy could have faced the maximum penalties associated with her DUI convictions including up to 270 days in prison.

Seeking Legal Help After A DUI Arrest

If you or a loved one are facing drunk driving charges then it is very important to contact a DUI defense attorney to understand all of your legal options before proceeding any further.

At Levow DWI Law, P.C., our DUI defense lawyers are dedicated to helping drivers understand their legal rights after a DWI arrest. We have successfully represented many individuals (including celebrities) facing DUI charges in the past and have the advanced knowledge of DUI laws required to win the most difficult of cases.

You can contact our New Jersey office today for a free consultation.

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