camden street near waterfront
27 November 2017

Our Camden DWI Defense Lawyers Take Our Kids To Camden Children’s Garden

When we have time off over the weekend, our Camden DWI defense lawyers prioritize time with our families. South Jersey and neighboring Philadelphia offer a wealth of opportunities for fun and educational bonding experiences with our children. Earlier this month, we decided to spend a Saturday at the Camden Children’s Garden on the Waterfront, just across the river from downtown Philadelphia. If you’re visiting our Camden DWI offices with your kids and looking for a way to fill the rest of the day, we highly recommend a visit to this diverse horticultural playground. Some of our favorite features include:

Garden Carousel

What kid doesn’t enjoy a ride on a decorated carousel? The Garden Carousel offers kids the choice to ride on a rabbit, rooster, pig, cat, shark, or hummingbird. There’s also a fantastical sea dragon, several traditional carousel horses decorated with flowers, and a large red chariot. Always a fun way to begin or end your day at the Camden Children’s Garden.

Arrow River Train

A ride on the 600-foot long Arrow River Train allows you and your family to get a good look at the garden’s unique features. The large train can hold up to 38 children or 22 adults.

Dinosaur Garden

Take a trip back about 65 million years to the Cretaceous Period at Dinosaur Garden. This unique space features a red Apatosaurus made from recycling car parts, standing in a pool of water next to a waterfall. There’s also a model baby Hadrosaur (the State Dinosaur of New Jersey) standing next to a large dinosaur egg. Your kids can even climb into the egg and pretend that they’re a baby dinosaur!

Red Oak Run

Red Oak Run is an underground maze which simulates the experience of tunneling underground. Your kids will love traversing through these winding underground tunnels, which include some areas where they’ll need to crawl through. Your little ones can also enjoy a ride down a small tot slide.

Cityscapes Garden

The Cityscapes Garden proves that even in an urban area like Camden, you can still enjoy the pleasures of gardening. This garden features replicas of two house facades, modeled after Camden rowhomes. The replica houses have front yards which show how you can streetscape in a small urban space. The two backyards each feature different types of gardens, as each family has a different reason for gardening.

Tree House

The Tree House offers some of the best views of the entire garden. Climb the steps or walk up the ramp and take everything in. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some butterflies, hawks, or migratory birds.

KaBOOM! Fitness Garden

Let your kids burn some energy and build their young muscles at the KaBOOM! Fitness Garden. This garden offers kids the chance to practice climbing, sliding, and balancing exercises. It also features a rock tunnel to climb through or on top of, a balance beam to walk around, stairs to climb, a sliding board, and log stepping stones. It’s never too early to begin a fitness routine and the KaBOOM! Fitness Garden is a great place to instill the habit of regular excess in your kids.