park swingset
30 January 2019

A Fun Family Outing to Lion’s Den Park in Cherry Hill

If you’re looking for a safe, fun park where your kids can enjoy playing while the adults relax, Lion’s Den park is a fine choice. This fenced-in park has plenty of colorful equipment with diverse activities that kids can enjoy. Additionally, there are plenty of trees which provide ample shade so that adults can relax without sweating too much during the summer. Our Cherry Hill DWI lawyers love bringing our kids and grandkids here for play dates during the spring, summer, and early fall. Here are some of our favorite aspects of Lion’s Den Park:

Playground Equipment

The park has several play structures that kids can use to climb, run, jump, and slide. The main feature is a big toy with double slides, a fishbowl section, stairs, and links to swing from. There are also other slides around the park, swingsets, and animal bouncy toys for your youngest kids. Of all the times we’ve been here, we’ve never seen a bored kid.

Basketball Court

Come to the park on a Saturday or Sunday and try to get a pickup basketball game together. This always makes for a fun summer afternoon.

Pickleball Games

On Saturday mornings, the park hosts pickleball games. If you’ve never heard of pickleball before, it’s basically a cross between tennis and ping pong. Players use giant paddles instead of rackets. The game is less physically strenuous than regular tennis, so it’s great for older adults and those with bad knees. They have fenced in courts with nets and there is enough space for two games at once. Always a fun time and a game that kids and adults can enjoy playing together.

Picnic Tables

During our outings to Lion’s Den Park, we like to bring a picnic basket and cooler full of cool drinks. We like doing this both for casual weekend picnics and for special events like birthday parties. Let your kids tucker themselves out before taking a break to enjoy a nice meal.