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Have you been arrested for a DWI in Hamilton Township, NJ? Your arrest is just the beginning of a legal journey which can result in severe penalties. But you can fight to save your license and avoid the penalties.

How does our legal team defend you? One of the first things we do is review the actions that the police took leading up to and during your arrest. In fact, the arresting officers often make mistakes which can be used as part of your DWI defense. Mistakes often include:driver charged with DWI after accident

  • Making a traffic stop when there is no probable cause. In order to initiate a traffic stop, an officer must have a legitimate reason for pulling the driver over and they must be able to describe the specific reason.
  • Stopping a driver because of a roadway sign that is incorrectly posted. Often, roadway signs don’t meet the standards set by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Officers pulling the driver over because of slow speed driving. Although speed limits dictate the maximum speed which may be driven on a specific section of road, stops can only be made if the officer determines that the slow speed is creating a dangerous situation.
  • Failing to appropriately apply the law during the stop.
  • Arresting a driver without proof that they were operating the vehicle or intending to operate it.
  • Improperly administering the chemical test used to determine intoxication

You can be sure that our experienced drunk driving attorneys will analyze your case completely to determine how best to build a defense that is tailored specifically to your particular situation.

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When you contact our experienced DWI law firm after an arrest, you can be sure that we will do everything we can to save your license. But there are things you can keep track of which may help us while building your defense:

  1. Note everything you did the 24 hours prior to your arrest.
  2. Determine exactly what you drank and how much of it you drank.
  3. Note how the arresting officer behaved during the traffic stop, arrest, and processing.
  4. Write down everything that the arresting officer said to you.
  5. Note the instructions that were given to you by the officer during a field sobriety testing.
  6. Try to accurately determine how long the officer observed you prior to administering the breath or blood test.
  7. Let us know of any medical conditions you may have which could impact the results of a chemical test.

Sometimes even the smallest detail can be crucial to the case which is why we recommend that you write down everything that happened so that it can be reviewed in the future.

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Did you know that there are pre-trial motions that can be filed which may result in the complete dismissal of the charges that have been filed against you? Here’s a list of ways in which our legal team has successfully challenged a DWI in the past:

  1. Contesting the stop – in many ways, the traffic stop which resulted in your arrest may have courtroom where DWI trials occurbeen unconstitutional.
  2. Contesting the tests that were administered.
  3. Challenging the arresting officer’s stated probable cause for arrest.
  4. Challenging the way that the chemical tests were administered.
  5. Challenging the qualifications of the person who administered the chemical tests.
  6. Challenging the operational standards of the device used to administer the test. Has it been properly maintained and calibrated?

If our experienced DWI lawyers determine that any of these apply to your case, a pre-trial motion will be filed which could ultimately result in the total dismissal of all charges. This is just one reason why it’s so important to contact an experienced DWI lawyer as soon as possible – you can’t afford to wait.

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Have you or a loved one recently been arrested for a DWI in Hamilton County or Mercer County? You might feel like you are completely alone and that you have no choice but to accept the consequences and penalties, however, you can and should fight the charges. Don’t hesitate, the legal process will happen quickly, often leaving you only 60 days to prepare for a trial before a judge.

At Levow DWI Law, we want to help you avoid the mistakes that many make after a DWI arrest. Common mistakes include:

  • Not taking the arrest seriously. If convicted, this could be on your record for the rest of your life and may cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Failing to understand the consequences. You may be fined, may lose your license for an extended period of time, and may also have to serve time in jail.
  • Waiting too long to speak with an attorney: Not only will the legal process move quickly but evidence that may prove crucial to the case could be lost if you don’t speak with an attorney immediately.

These are just a few of the many mistakes that can be avoided if you contact our legal team as soon as possible. We don’t just prepare your case for court – we also help to prepare you. Don’t wait – call us now.

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Latest Hamilton Township DWI Updates

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July 26th, 2018 – Police Officer Injured By Drunk Driver

A police officer who was directing traffic was seriously injured while sitting in his police car. At the time of the accident, the officer was sitting in the car with his emergency lights on when a man driving while under the influence ignored both the lights and the officer’s directions, slamming into the police vehicle. The officer was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and is expected tor recover. To learn more, visit NJ.com.

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